Remortgaging is simply changing your current mortgage.

When you apply for a new mortgage, you are remortgaging. This can be a different mortgage with the same lenders or a mortgage with a new lender. Both are considered remortgaging. .

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    Remortgaging made easy

    You can remortgage when you are nearing the end of your current product term and your new mortgage will replace your old one.

    You should consider remortgaging if:

    • Interest rates are changing
    • Your current deal is ending
    • You want to make overpayments, but your current mortgage does not allow it
    • You want to borrow more money
    • The value of your home increases
    • You want a more flexible deal

    You shop around for the best deal on your broadband or utilities, and you should do the same for your mortgage. Getting the right deal when you remortgage can sometimes save you money or help you pay off your mortgage sooner.

    Can I change my mortgage type?

    You can change your mortgage type when you remortgage including interest-only mortgages and offset mortgages. If your circumstances have changed or your property has increased or decreased in value, we can compare the deals from the entire lending market

    Can I borrow extra money when I remortgage?

    Yes. You can borrow extra money when you remortgage for home improvements or even to consolidate debt. However, it’s not always the cheapest way to borrow money. Speak to an advisor today to discuss your plans.