Income Protection Insurance

If you were unable to work, do you have a plan in place to cover your expenses?

If the unexpected happens, income protection insurance provides peace of mind that your family, home life, and expenses will be covered if you are unable to earn. Many people aren’t aware of how much sick pay they get or how long it will last. Income protection insurance will help you pay your bills if you cannot work.

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    Income protection insurance is especially important for self-employed people who don’t get sick pay. With income protection, you can protect your lifestyle while focusing on getting better and returning to work.

    Income protection insurance will benefit you if:

    • You don’t have savings
    • You have minimum sick pay provided by your employer
    • You are the sole household earner
    • You have dependants
    • You want peace of mind that your bills will be covered if you cannot work

    How much does it cost?

    Income protection insurance is more affordable than you may think. Premiums can vary but start from around £6 per month. You’ll be guaranteed a monthly premium to cover your bills such as a mortgage, utilities, and other living costs.

    What is the difference between income protection insurance and life insurance?

    Income protection is different to life insurance as it especially benefits you now. If you have a family that relies on your income, you can guarantee an amount each month if you are unable to earn due to illness or injury. Life insurance is in place to support those you leave behind in the event of your death.