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You’d think getting a mortgage as an NHS employee would be easy. After all, you’ve got a secure job with one of the country’s largest employers.

And yet every day we hear from paramedics, nurses and other medical staff like you who have either been turned down for a mortgage or remortgage by their bank or told they can’t borrow as much as they need in order to get the house they want to buy.

This happens for all sorts of reasons, but very often it is simply because traditional banks don’t understand how some NHS staff work and how they are paid.

For example, maybe you’re a nurse who earns additional money from working overtime or doing extra shifts. Or you might be a consultant whose income is made up of an NHS salary plus fees for private work.

Or perhaps you’re a newly qualified doctor or nurse who doesn’t yet have the three months of payslips that most lenders require.

All these things can work against you when it comes to getting a mortgage because most lenders use highly automated processes and a one-size-fits-all approach to determine whether or not they’ll lend you the money you need to buy a property or carry out your next home improvement project.

Fortunately there is a simple solution. And that’s to get help from us.

Because we’re independent mortgage brokers, we have access to over 110 different lenders - many of whom you won’t find on the High Street - and thousands of different mortgage products, including ones that you won’t find on comparison websites or via other brokers.

The mortgage companies we work with all have different lending criteria but we know which ones offer the most favourable terms for NHS staff. Plus we have strong working relationships with these lenders so we can make sure your application gets looked at by a real person instead of by a computer - which increases your chances of getting a “Yes”.

And, best of all, we won’t charge you anything. Yes, that’s right - our service is 100% free from start to finish.

To find out which of our competitive NHS mortgage deals you qualify for, fill in our one-minute enquiry form and we’ll call you back to run through your options.

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Why Choose Us?

Here at Quick Mortgages we specialise in sourcing and arranging mortgages for NHS staff. This gives you a number of benefits that you won’t get with other brokers or if you try to find your own mortgage online or on the High Street.

Huge Choice

We have access to over 110 different mortgage lenders who, between them, offer thousands of different products. So if we can’t get you accepted for a mortgage then you can be pretty sure no-one will be able to.

Some of the lenders we work with will even offer us bespoke products where the terms and rates are individually tailored for each client. That means you have a good chance of finding a mortgage deal through us that you won’t find anywhere else - even via another mortgage broker.

Save Money

Our huge choice of lenders and our access to bespoke products mean we can save you money every month by getting you the best available rate for your mortgage. But there’s another important way we will save you money too.

You see, like all mortgage brokers, we receive a commission from your new lender. But unlike lots of other brokers, we don’t charge you any additional fee for our advice or for processing your mortgage application. Our service really is 100% free from start to finish.

We’ve also got access to lenders who will cover the costs of valuations and legal fees, saving you even more money.

That’s three different ways we can save you money and cut the costs of your mortgage.

Save Time

As specialists in mortgages for NHS staff, we always know which lenders are most likely to offer you a mortgage – even now when lenders are changing their criteria on an almost daily basis.

This means we can go straight to the lender who’s most likely to say “yes” and we won’t waste your time or damage your credit rating by applying to multiple lenders who are unlikely to approve you.

High Success Rate

We understand all the different ways that NHS staff are paid and we know how to present your income to a lender so as to maximise your chances of getting the size mortgage you need on the best possible terms.

We know how each lender works and we’ve got good commercial relationships with the decision-makers. So you’ll get a decision from a real person who has spoken to us about your unique situation instead of an automated “computer says no” response.

Fast Decisions

No one likes to be kept waiting and wondering about something as important as a mortgage, and yet if you go to your bank they’ll probably make you wait weeks just to get an initial appointment.

As our name implies, we do things differently.

We’ll make sure we meet with you online in the next 24 hours to get your mortgage application underway. After that, we can usually get you a decision in principle from a lender within one day. Just think - 48 hours from now you could have some certainty over what your mortgage options are.

You can then relax and get on with making plans for what you’re going to do once your new mortgage completes – whether that’s moving into your dream home, paying off debts, or improving your current property.

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Dimitrakis Foster
Dimitrakis Foster
We used quick mortgages for remortgage. Please ask for Kallie, she is a credit to quick mortgages. She was amazing through out the process. She help us with chasing the mortgage company, to chasing the solicitors. We appreciated all her hard work and support. Thank you very much Kallie
Sarah Pound
Sarah Pound
We recently used Quick Mortgages for our re-mortgage. They were friendly, helpful, prompt and made the process very easy. Would definitely recommend.
Ellen Lyward
Ellen Lyward
Paul and Kallie were extremely helpful throughout the whole process and were always on hand to answer my questions. Will absolutely return for my next mortgage requirements.
Carl Payne
Carl Payne
Paul and the team at Quick Mortgages have been brilliant, from getting us mortgage offers on properties when we were going to move, and being understanding when we decided to stay put and re-mortgage. Great customer service, quick feedback and nice people.
Ceri Evans
Ceri Evans
Used Quickmortgages for my recent remortgage and have to say they were absolutely brilliant. Always kept us upto date with how the remortgage was going. Any issues with the lawyers were dealt with straight away. Couldn't rate them highly enough. Definitely will use them again and refer them to family and friends.
Paul & Kallie have been exceptional. We had a complicated purchase and sale and Quick Mortgages were hugely supportive, patient, reassuring and helpful all the way through. Would not hesitate to recommend.
Angela Thorn
Angela Thorn
I was a mortgage prisoner and got turned down by loads of companies for a remortgage but Paul Timmins and Kallie Crowcroft sorted it all out and now I'm saving money and no longer a mortgage prisoner. I would definitely use them again and they have changed my life for the better.
Ben T
Ben T
We have used Paul Timmins and the team at Quick Mortgages twice now and he (and the wider business) have been fantastically helpful and have ended up finding us a mortgage that was significantly better / more competitive than the offer from our own bank. With Quick, it has felt more advisory than "just selling" and, specifically with Paul, he is very helpful and also quick to respond.
Josh Buckle
Josh Buckle
John and the team offered a great services guiding me through the range of products that were available whilst keeping things simple so I could understand all the pro and cons of each. I'd highly recommend Quick Mortgages to anyone.

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Fill in your details below and one of our mortgage experts will contact you to discuss your options and help you choose the most appropriate deal.


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